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Regular trimming by an experienced and qualified trimmer is essential in preventing lameness and maintaining the health of cattle. Moreover, it can significantly prolong the active life, and therefore value, of a herd. Research has shown that trimming twice/ year will add on average an extra lactation/cow over it’s lifetime.

Red Tractor and supermarket contracts stipulate that trimming is carried out by professionally qualified trimmers

We try and set up dairy herds on a regular visit, depending on the herd size and how often they will need trimming. We can call in and chat to you and look at the cattle and the unit and give you advise and pricing, we could also tie this in with a mobility scoring on your herd where we would spend time in the parlour during the afternoon milking.

With Beef herds the owners usually call once or twice / year to trim stock bulls and the breeding cows.

We are trained Mobility Mentors, so we can follow their program to get the best out of your unit.


What is a Fully Licensed or Category 1 Trimmer?

A fully licensed trimmer has been trained to trim by the Dutch Method, passed diploma examination and attended biennial continuing assessment. Usually held by a professional trimmer, trimming thousands of cows/yr.

Do you trim cows due to calve soon?

We don’t trim within 2 weeks of calving unless the cow is very lame. (We have not had any problems with cows that have been trimmed close to calving)

Are you insured?

Yes, with the NFU

Can you trim bulls?

Yes, We usually trim between 2 and 30 bulls a week

Do cattle mind being lifted off their feet in the rollover?

No, they prefer it to having one leg lifted high, (We owned and used both uprights and rollover crushes and have found cattle to be less stressed and the feet more accessible in the rollover)

I only have one or two cows (or a bull) to trim, will you still come?

Yes, If you are flexible we would try and call in on the way back from another visit.

How far will you travel?

Being based in Sussex and Dorset, we can cover all of Southern England Further away, I will put you in contact with another Category 1 trimmer, (Unless it is a big job and we can fit you in!)

Do you trim Highland cattle and other longhorns? Or short legged Dexters

Yes, See picture below

How many cows for a visit?

We trim 5-10 cows/ hour depending on the condition of their feet, so it depends on how long we can trim before you want us out of the way.

Do you need someone to help you during the day?

No, We have our own race and pen, so as long as they are sorted out from the others and we have a contact number if there is a problem. For a bull, it’s better to have someone around, but not essential.

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