About Us

SKS Foottrimming Service was set up in 2003 and became a limited company in 2008. We have bases in Dorset and Sussex, so we can easily cover the Southern counties. We will also consider and quote for jobs further away.

We trim both dairy and beef herds and also cater for small holders who might only have a few cattle to trim.

We use rollover crushes mounted on 3.5 ton vehicles. We have owned and used both upright and rollover crushes and have found the cattle to be more content in our rollover crushes. It is also easier to access all four feet at the same time which makes our job easier and quicker.

We carry our own hurdles and can also operate in fields and yards. Our trucks have can be operated by battery which means we can also work away from a power source.

We use a database recording program where we can see what we have trimmed in the past on the unit and we can also leave clean concise reports (which can also be emailed).

Our Trimmers

Jon Clarke

I Worked full time as a dairy herd manager from 1977-2003, trimming my own herd. When the herd was sold, I set up a full time foot trimming business after training to trim professionally and earned the Dutch Diploma in 2004. I have since kept up with annual CPD days and biannual check days.

Hobbies: paragliding.

Chris Clarke

I started working with cows from the age of 13 by relief milking a 300 cow herd on alternate weekends. I trained and qualified as a full time trimmer in 2008 with NPTC British Diploma and also completed the Dairyland Hoof Care qualification. I also regularly keep up to date with my annual CPD days and biannual check days.

Hobbies: Kite surfing

Need A Quote?

Contact us with the details below, leaving your details and a brief description of the job you require. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Chris (West of M3)

07828 605688


Jon (East of M3)

07743 685968


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